Drums and hardware: Yamaha maple custom absolute
1x Bass Drum with tom mount:18"x14" NO HOLE ON FRONT HEAD
1x Floor tom 14"x13"
1x Rack tom 12"x8"
1x Snare Drum 14"x5"
4x Cymbal Stands ( Yamaha 865 series preferred)
1x Hi-Hat stand ( Yamaha 850 max 16" pipe)
2X snare stands( Yamaha 900 series)
1x Bass Drum Pedal (DW 9000)
1x Drum Throne (Yamaha DS 950)
1x Black music stand
1x Carpet or rug large enough for the entire kit
Heads REMO
Coated Ambassadors or Skyntone
Suggested Mic List
1 Kick: AKG.D12.(not A.D0112) Shure. Beta.52. Sennheiser/MD04210II
2 Snare: Shure SM057 Shure.beta.98AD/C with mount Shure SM057
3 Rack tom: DPA 4099D.w/.drum.clip Shure.Beta.98AD/C.with mount Shure SM057
4 Floor tom: DPA 4099D.w/ drum clip Shure Beta 98AD/c.with mount Shure SM057